2 ; 1 ; in Month : April (2020) Article No : sjnp-v2-1010
Narayan Bahadur Basnet

Health care education in schools is one of the vital and interminable techniques of dealing with global health problems of any nature in any age to achieve broader foundation of healthy life. A practical acronym of health care components for schoolchildren have been created and presented in as ‘HANDWASHING’ viz. H: Hand washing; A: Air-borne infection control; N: Nutrition management; D: Drug management and Disposal of waste; W: Water & Work-related health problem management; A: Age wise disease treatment and management; S: Support to the health networks, Sex and Sociocultural harmony education mainly to adolescents; H: Home and Hospital health care; I: Immunization & Information for better health care; N: Nursing care; G: Growth, development, mental health and Global monitoring of health problems/challenges.

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