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Felipe De Oliveira Sales

Abstract The teaching of swimming is a habit that has been growing among people, so every day a new aquatic center comes up, schools begin to join swimming pools and make available to their students in this sport. Now a days the International Swimming Federation (FINA) has in its Official Swimming Rules Book (2017) four styles of swimming that should be taught to children, young people and adults who want to learn the practice of this sport and who are allowed in the official competitions of the federation and its affiliates in the countries, among these styles are crawl swimming, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly swimming. According to Oliveira (2010), swimming is considered one of the healthiest sports, because it works with various muscle groups and body joints in a pleasant and different environment from what we live. This practice, besides being important for the formation of his personality and intelligence, also contributes to the physical and motor development of the subject.

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